20 Seconds to Safer Entrances Using NeverGerms Antimicrobial Surface Wraps

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20 SECONDS! That’s all it takes to protect your doors and entrances with NeverGerms® antimicrobial surface covers! Made in the USA, our top-selling product makes germ protection easy and affordable!

Installation is simple – just clean the surface, apply the NeverGerms wrap, and the surface is protected with antimicrobial technology 24/7, indoors and outdoors, for up to six months! It’s THAT easy!

Common applications include entry and exit push bars, crash bars, grab bars, door handles, D-pulls, emergency exit and panic bars, and more!

Product shown in video is NeverGerm’s SKU: 40107 Product Name: Door Handle Surface Cover – 10 Pack

Visit shop.nevergerms.com to find your NeverGerms antimicrobial solution!

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