Car Detailing 101 – How to Detail Car Carpets

We’re in the home stretch of our Car Detailing 101 mini-series. If you’ve followed along for the past 7 episodes – first off; THANK YOU. And second, you’ve hopefully learned some valuable detailing lessons that should allow you to improve your own car detail projects. As we wrap-up the inside, one more detailing and cleaning task remains – how to detail car carpets.

Whether it’s your floor mat, cloth seating, or the car carpet inside your vehicle, soft textiles are dirt collectors. The ply of each fabric is twisty and designed to allow grip – so your feet or rear end doesn’t slide around when seated. This design also represents a challenge to automotive detailers, as that dirt and debris often gets stuck deep in the material.

So – without further delay, let’s hop into the penultimate episode in our Car Detailing 101 series. But first, as always, watch this awesome video by Adam Cote to review a visual on how this is completed. If you’d like to read the step-by-step blog by Aiden Forde – click this link.