Car Detailing 101 – How to Protect the Interior of Your Car

Today we are entering the final phase of our Car Detailing 101 education series. In previous episodes, we’ve guided our readers through the entire process that a professional detailer uses to clean, polish, and protect a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Now we’ll focus on tips for how you protect car leather interior materials.

Today’ we’re going to put the cherry on top of the detailing sundae. The last step includes applying a protectant on top of leather surfaces like a car seat, door trim, and consoles. As you’ll see in the video, Adam Cote will show you the process of applying traditional leather conditioners and dressings.

He’ll also explain why a leather seat of today is much different than in years past – and why modern and older vehicles can benefit from interior ceramic coatings, which serves as the ultimate seat protector.

So – take a few minutes to watch this video by Adam Cote, then proceed to read the steps and extra details in the blog written by Ceramic Pro’s Aiden Forde –

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