Car Detailing 101 – The Process of Interior Detailing

As we continue the Car Detailing 101 series, it’s time to focus on interior detailing. In earlier episodes, we discussed the proper techniques for vacuuming the carpets, seats, and other interior sections.

While a solid, deep vacuum will remove a large portion of dirt and debris – it doesn’t completely remove stubborn stains, excessive pet hair, odors, or upholstery issues. As such, detailing the car’s interior with quality materials and techniques is important.

If you’re going to opt to an interior detailing service, this video will help you understand their interior detail process. If you’re going to take on auto detailing yourself, you’ll have to invest in some good products, use some important techniques, and follow a process that reduces the potential of bringing dirt back into the vehicle.

So – let’s dive right into the deep cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle’s interior. If you’d like to read a detailed step-by-step tutorial, read the blog written by Ceramic Pro’s Aiden Forde.

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