Ceramic Coating Myths – The Truth About DIY Ceramic Coatings

While we’re a professional-grade coating company, we can admit that there are some good DIY ceramic coating products available today. But there are also several that are nothing more than snake oil in a bottle.

In fact, w heard a story not too long ago about a guy who purchased a $30 bottle of ceramic coat from Amazon. He had it tested at a professional lab – only to find out it was 100% corn oil: slippery sure – but providing a 9H hardness, no chance in hades.

The sad news is that the story above is not the only time someone has been deceived by a less-than-stellar DIY paint protection products. There are several myths about DIY ceramic coatings that tend to lead people down a path of displeasure.

So, let’s talk some turkey about do-it-yourself coatings for car paint and how they stack up to Ceramic Pro’s line of professionally-applied nano ceramic coatings. In the video, Adam Cote will review some of the similarities and some differences. If you’d like to read the blog by Aiden Forde, click the link —- https://ceramicpro.com/ceramic-coating-myths-the-truth-about-diy-ceramic-coatings/

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