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Everyone loves the look of a new car but how do you keep the finish looking showroom fresh for as long as possible? Coatings protect your car from the elements while repelling UV rays, water spots and make it difficult for contaminants to stick. Many detailing enthusiasts don’t know how simple it is to reap all of these great benefits. In today’s video, Nick and Walker go over the basics of coatings and how easy it is to apply that even a novice detailer can do it.

Carbon Flex C9 vehicle coating to protect vehicles against the harsh elements. The durable coating takes vehicle protection to the next level of shine, durability, and performance. While traditional carnauba waxes and synthetic sealants last up to 3 and 12 months respectively, Carbon Flex C9 protects vehicles for up to 36 consecutive months. Enhances the most brilliant shine and gloss from any color paintwork. The C9 coating cures transparent to heighten a beautiful lustrous finish that makes any color sparkle with a crystal clear, wet, and glossy shine. Finishes treated with Carbon Flex look like they were finished with expensive custom candy coating paint jobs. C9 Coating enhances the natural gloss and depth of paintwork so that it glistens and glows with a unique signature crystal candy sparkle.

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