How to Dry Your Car Safely

Washing your car, truck, or SUV every few weeks is recommended – regardless of where you live. But how do you dry your car safely? Some people swear by blowing standing water off with air, others use a drying aid such as a ceramic boost spray, then using a regular towel. However, using the wrong type of towel or material can be just as harmful as leaving that dirt and debris on the car’s paint job.

When you spend thousands of dollars on a paint protection solution, you want to protect that investment – right? With that said, using the right washing materials and techniques is by far, the best way to reduce developing a water spot, scratching, and improving the look of your vehicle.

Our next video in our car detailing and maintenance series posted on the Ceramic Pro channel focuses on how to dry your vehicle correctly. Whether you have a Ceramic Pro 9H coating, KAVACA PPF or the vehicle is unprotected, using a super plush microfiber drying towel is the best solution.

If you’d like to read an in-depth article on this topic, click the link.

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